10x heat dissipation.

Hyperdrives electric motors offer an industry leading ratio of cost to power- and torque-density.

Leveraging a unique cooling concept and winding design coupled with our deep process and material know-how, Hyperdrives reduces cost and saves resources for both OEMs and end consumers.

How electric motors work

The power output of electric motors is thermally limited. State-of-the-art motors are cooled through their housing surface. Heat generated in the copper winding must pass through multiple material layers before it is dissipated. Excess volume and material is needed to manage heat and losses.

In short - the thermal limit determines size and weight, drives material cost and decreases efficiency.

How we stay ahead

Hyperdrives utilizes an advanced direct cooling system that extracts heat right at its very source - dissipating losses 10x more effectively. The cooling fluid flows through hollow conductor windings allowing 3x higher currents continuously. This enables Hyperdrives motors to be designed 2x as power dense.

The result are next level thermodynamic and electromagnetic efficiency, that lets us redefine the limits of volumetric and gravimetric continuous power and torque density.

Line chart of performance of Hyperdrives electric motors versus state-of-art electric motors. Hyperdrives technology allows for significantly higher power and torque output at the same size, weight and cost as state-of-art electric motors.

Direct cooling.

Hyperdrives’ direct cooling technology through hollow conductors enables significant downsizing and boosts efficiency at the same time.

Free choice of rotor topology.

Hyperdrives’ stators use distributed windings. This makes them compatible with all available rotor topologies and it keeps frequency, rotor losses and NVH low. Rare earth magnets can be fully eliminated if required.

Unparalleled efficiency.

Hyperdrives’ proprietary stator design allows Ultra to utilize grain oriented steel in the stator laminates. This reduces iron losses by 50% and takes efficiency to the next level.

Designed for high-volume serial production.

Hyperdrives’ motors feature a unique stator and winding design to enable fully automized, high-volume serial production.

Thanks to our deep process and technology know-how, the outstanding performance of our motors is possible with industry standard materials and components. No high-end, ultra-fine and costly laminates. No high-pressure cooling pumps. No expensive composite materials or rotor sleeves.

At Hyperdrives, we believe this to be a cornerstone of our mission, in order to drive a widespread adoption of electrification across all industries.