All signal, no noise.
Hyperdrives is a deep-tech engineering company established in 2021 and based in the heart of Munich, Germany. We specialize in super-efficient, highly power dense and yet low-cost electric drive systems. Our goal is to foster the decarbonization across all industries, with the vision to establish a new benchmark for electric drive systems in volume markets where performance-to-cost is key.
Group photo of the Hyperdrives leadership team, from left to right: Michael Fick, Robin Renz, Benjamin Hengstler.

Leadership team

Meet our management.

Michael Fick

Chief Technology Officer

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Robin Renz

Chief Executive Officer

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Benjamin Hengstler

Chief Software Officer

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For a better electric future.
Whether it is automotive, aerospace, maritime or industry applications – our electric drive systems are more efficient so cars can go further, planes can fly longer and generators can produce more energy. They are more cost effective so electric cars become more affordable, and wind parks more attractive to operators and investors. They are smaller and can be packaged more aerodynamically to make electric flight viable and enable maritime vessel designs never seen before. All whilst using less raw materials and rare earth elements, helping to preserve our natural resources and contributing our share to a decarbonized future.


Focus. Focus. Focus.
We are an all-signal-no-noise company. Laser focused on our customers and on delivering the optimal solution to their application- and industry-specific problems. Our deep process and technology know-how and leading edge proprietary FEM software tools enable short and extremely effective development cycles. We also leverage on strong partnerships with innovative and experienced process and manufacturing partners such as FGB Fertigungsgerätebau Steinbach to ensure the highest degree of quality and reliability for our products.