Hyperdrives Ultra electric motor

Hyperdrives Ultra

Taking the Hyperdrives design to the next level. Ultra offers outstanding continuous power and torque density and superior load cycle efficiency. Ideal for the premium automotive and aerospace segment.

Features and applications

Next level power.
In addition to our proprietary direct cooling system, Ultra utilizes grain-oriented steel in combination with our unique and patented stator design. Thereby, Ultra cuts iron losses by 50%. The results are unparalleled efficiency and continuous power density of more than 10 kW/kg. With that said, Ultra is the ideal solution for aerospace, premium automotive and all other applications that require the absolute maximum in continuous power density and efficiency.

Exemplary specifications

Interior permanent magnet machine (IPM)
weight31.2 kg
weight incl. inverter*35.6 kg
Peak power
peak power @ 800 V440 kW
peak power density14.1 kW/kg
peak power density incl. inverter*12.4 kW/kg
Continuos power
continuous power @ 800 V320 kW
cont. power density10.3 kW/kg
cont. power density incl. inverter*9.0 kW/kg
maximum torque450 Nm
maximum speed14,000 rpm
length224 mm
diameter218 mm
* inverter coming soon


If you are interested in a specification that goes beyond the example shown above, we offer tailored electric drive systems to meet your specific application and industry needs. Deep process and technology know-how combined with our leading-edge proprietary FEM software tools allow us to review and transform your spec to a reliable product study in a matter of days.

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